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Selected Works by Pearl S. Buck

This bibliography is indebted to Lucille S. Zinn's "The Works of Pearl S. Buck: A Bibliography," published in the Bulletin of Bibliography 36.4 (Oct.-Dec. 1979): 194-208.

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A. Fiction, 1. Novels

All Under Heaven.
NY: John Day, 1973.  200 pages.  Copyright by Creativity, Inc.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92aL

The Angry Wife.  By John Sedges, pseudonym.
NY: John Day, 1947.  242 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92an

Bright Procession.  By John Sedges, pseudonym.
NY: John Day, 1952.  305 pages.

China Flight.
Philadelphia: Blakiston Co. (Triangle Books), 1945.  251 pages.
Excerpt in Collier's: February-April, 1942.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92ch

"China Gold."
Serial in Collier's: February 7-April 18, 1942.

China Sky.
Philadelphia: Triangle Publishing Co., 1942.  272 pages.
Serial in Collier's: February-April, 1941.

"China Stage."
n.p.: n.d.

Come, My Beloved.
NY: John Day, 1953.  311 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92c-D

Command the Morning.
NY: John Day, 1959.  315 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92co

Death in the Castle.
NY: John Day, 1965.  248 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92de

Dragon Seed.
NY: John Day, 1942.  378 pages.
Serial in Asia: September, 1941-February, 1942.
Excerpt in Ladies' Home Journal: August, 1942, pages 13-15.
The Story of Dragon Seed.  NY: John Day, 1944.  15 pages.  Hardbound booklet.  Limited edition of 600 copies printed for presentation by the East and West Association; none sold.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92d

East Wind: West Wind.
NY: John Day Company, 1930.  177 pages.
Serial in Asia and Collier's, 1930.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92e

Father Andrea.
U.S. Information Agency, paperback, 1930's.
Published also in Arabic and English with Japanese notes (in Japan only).
Also in The First Wife and Other Stories and Twenty-seven Stories.

The Goddess Abides.
NY: John Day, 1972.  251 pages.  Copyright by Creativity, Inc.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92godd

God's Men.
NY: John Day, 1951.  375 pages.
Serial in Woman's Home Companion: February-April, 1951.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92god

The Good Earth.
NY: John Day, 1931.  313 pages.
The classic portrayal of the life of Chinese peasants Wang-Lung and O-Lan. Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1932 and the William Dean Howells Medal for the most distinguished work of American fiction published in the period 1930-35 in 1935.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92g
      Sons (1932).
      A House Divided (1935).

The Hidden Flower.
NY: John Day, 1952.  308 pages.
Serial in Woman's Home Companion: March-May, 1952.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92hi

A House Divided.
NY: Reynal & Hitchcock (John Day Book), 1935.  353 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92h

Imperial Woman.
NY: John Day, 1956.  376 pages.
Serial in Woman's Home Companion: February-April, 1956.
A fictional biography of the last empress of China, Tzu Hsi, rich in background detail.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92i

Kinfolk. NY: John Day, 1949.  406 pages.
Serial in Ladies' Home Journal: October-December, 1948, and January-February, 1949.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92k

Letter from Peking. NY: John Day, 1957.  252 pages.
In Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Summer Selection, 1957, pages 256-358; biography, page 359.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92L

The Living Reed.
NY: John Day, 1963.  478 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92Li

The Long Love.  By John Sedges, pseudonym.
NY: John Day, 1949.  311 pages.

NY: John Day, 1970.  361 pages.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92ma

The Mother.
NY: John Day, 1934.  302 pages.
Serial in Cosmopolitan, 1933.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92m

The New Year.
NY: John Day, 1968.  255 pages.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92n

"Now and Forever."
Serial in Woman's Home Companion: October-December, 1936, and January-March, 1937.

Other Gods.
NY: John Day, 1941.  381 pages.
Excerpt in Good Housekeeping under title of "An American Legend": December, 1938, and January-May, 1939.  Pictures by Weda Yap.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92o

The Patriot.
NY: John Day, 1939.  372 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92p

Pavilion of Women.
NY: John Day, 1946.  316 pages.
Serial in Woman's Home Companion: August-November, 1946.
One of the most popular of the novels, the story of the matriarch of a well-to-do Chinese family.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92pa

NY: John Day, 1948.  312 pages.
Condensed version in Cosmopolitan, 1948.
Particularly interesting for its depiction of China's Jewish population.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92pe

Portrait of a Marriage.
NY: John Day, 1945.  290 pages.
Serial in Redbook, 1941, with the title "Man's Daily Bread."  Illustrated by Charles Hargens.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92po

The Promise.
NY: John Day, 1943.  248 pages.  Copyright by Asian Magazine, Inc.
Serial in Asia: November, 1942-October, 1943.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92pr

The Rainbow.
NY: John Day, 1974.  256 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92r

"The Real Thing."
n.p.: n.d.

Satan Never Sleeps.
NY: Pocket Books, 1952.  152 pages.
Initially a movie script written by Pearl Buck from an outline by Leo McCarey.

NY: John Day, 1932.  467 pages.  
Serial in Cosmopolitan, 1932.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92s

Published as a serial in Redbook in 1951 with the title "No Time for Love."
Published as a book in Japanese only.

This Proud Heart.
NY: Reynal & Hitchcock (John Day Book), 1938.  371 pages.
Serial in Good Housekeeping: September-December, 1937, and January-February, 1938.
A revealing, partially autobiographical, study of a woman torn between her artistic goals and the demands of her personal life.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92thi

The Three Daughters of Madame Liang.
NY: John Day, 1969.  315 pages.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92th

The Time Is Noon.
NY: John Day, 1966, 1967.  383 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92ti

The Townsman.  By John Sedges, pseudonym.
NY: John Day, 1945.  384 pages.

Voices in the House.  By John Sedges, pseudonym.
NY: John Day, 1953.  249 pages.

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A. Fiction, 2. Juvenilia

The Beech Tree.
NY: John Day, 1954.  48 pages.  Ages 6-9.  Illustrated by Kurt Werth.
Also in Woman's Home Companion (1955) under the title, "The Heart's Beginning."

The Big Fight.
NY: John Day, 1965.  48 pages.  Ages 9-12.  Sketches by Mamoru R. Funai.
Also in Boy's Life: 1964.

The Big Wave.
NY: John Day, 1947.  61 pages.  Copyright by Curtis Publishing Co. and by Pearl S. Buck.  Ages 8-12.  Illustrated with 12 Japanese prints by Hiroshinge and Hokusai.
The story of a tidal wave in Japan, told with the simplicity and timeless wisdom of an Oriental fable.
      Lipscomb Library CL 813.5 B92b

The Chinese Children Next Door.
NY: John Day, 1942.  64 pages.  Ages 5-8.  Drawings by Katherine Tozer.
      Lipscomb Library LIN 813.5 B922c

The Chinese Story Teller.
NY: John Day, 1971.  41 pages.  Ages 4-8.  Illustrated by Regina Shekerjian.

The Christmas Ghost.
NY: John Day, 1960.  48 pages.  Ages 5-9.  Illustrated by Anna Marie Magagna with 18 full-page color drawings.
Also in Family Circle: 1960.

The Christmas Miniature.
NY: John Day, 1957.  40 pages.  Drawings by Anna Marie Magagna.
Also in Family Circle: 1960.

The Dragon Fish.
NY: John Day, 1944.  63 pages.  Illustrated by Esther Brock Bird.
Also in Jack and Jill: 1944.

The Enemy.
Mankato, MN: Creative Education, 1986.  64 pages.
      Lipscomb Library CL 813.5 B92e

Johnny Jack and His Beginnings.
NY: John Day, 1954.  48 pages.  Ages 5-8.  Illustrated by Kurt Worth.

The Little Fox in the Middle.
NY: Macmillan Co., 1966.  32 pages.  Ages 8-9.  Illustrated by Robert Jones.

Little Red.
Mankato, MN: Creative Education, 1988.  30 pages.
In China during World War II, a young boy makes a daring rescue attempt to free his father, a captured prisoner of the Japanese army.
      Lipscomb Library CL 813.5 B92L

The Man Who Changed China: The Story of Sun Yet-sen.
NY: Random House, Inc., 1953.  181 pages.  Grades 7-9.  Illustrated by Fred Castellon.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
NY: John Day, 1967.  80 pages.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.  Ages 9-12.  Illustrated by Mamoru R. Funai.

Mrs. Starling's Problem. NY: John Day, 1972.  32 pages.  Copyright by Creativity, Inc.  Grades K-up.  Illustrated by Leslie Merrill.

My Several Worlds.
NY: John Day, 1957.  192 pages.  Abridged from 1954 volume of 407 pages especially for young people by Cornelia Spencer, pen name for Pearl S. Buck's sister, Grace S. Yaukey.

The Old Demon.
Mankato, MN: Creative Education, 1982.  40 pages.
A stubborn old Chinese woman finds that her perpetual foe, the river, can be an ally when her village is invaded by enemy troops.
      Lipscomb Library CL 813.5 B92o

One Bright Day.
NY: John Day, 1950.  60 pages.  Ages 8-up.  Copyright by Curtis Publishing Co. and by Pearl S. Buck.
Also in Jack and Jill, 1950.

The Water-Buffalo Children.
NY: John Day, 1943.  61 pages.  Ages 6-9.  Illustrated by William A. Smith.
Also in Jack and Jill: 1943.
      Lipscomb Library CL 813.5 B92w

Welcome Child.
NY: John Day, 1964.  96 pages.  51 photos by Alan D. Haas.

The Young Revolutionist.
NY: Friendship Press, 1932.  182 pages.  Copyright by G. Q. Le Sourd.       Lipscomb Library 813.5 B927

Yu Lan: Flying Boy of China.
NY: John Day, 1945.  60 pages.  Ages 6-12.  Drawings by George T. Hartman.
Also in Child Life: 1945.

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A. Fiction, 3. Collected Fiction

American Triptych.  By John Sedges, pseudonym.
NY: John Day, 1958.
Includes: The Townsman, The Long Love, Voices in the House.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92a

The Beech Tree & Johnny Jack and His Beginnings.
NY: Dell Publishing Co., [late 1960's].  Illustrated.  47 pages.  Juvenile, ages 7-11.

East and West.
N.Y.: John Day, 1975.  202 pages.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.
Seven stories with background in Asia and America that span a period of 30 years.

Escape at Midnight and Other Stories.
Hong Kong, China: Dragonfly Books, 1963.  217 pages.
Story "The Silver Butterfly" c. by Curtis Publishing Co., 1960.
Ten short stories.

Fairy Tales of the Orient.
NY: Simon & Schuster, 1965.  320 pages.  Copyright by PSB and L. K. Engel.  Juvenile, ages 9-19.
Thirty-six favorite fairy tales selected, edited, and introduced by Pearl S. Buck. 24 full-page color drawings by Jeanyee Wong.

Far and Near.
NY: John Day, 1947.  250 pages.
Fourteen stories of China, Japan, and America.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92fa

The First Wife and Other Stories.
NY: John Day, 1933.  312 pages.
Fourteen short stories.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92fir

Fourteen Stories.
NY: John Day, 1961.  250 pages.
British title: With A Delicate Air.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92f

A Gift for the Children.
N.Y.: John Day, 1973.  152 pages.  Copyright by John Day.   Juvenile.  Illustrated by Elaine Scull.
One book for very young children: Stories for Little Children; and seven books for older children: The Chinese Story Teller, The Christmas Ghost, The Christmas Miniature, The Chinese Children Next Door, The Water-Buffalo Children, The Beech Tree.

The Good Deed and Other Stories.
NY: John Day, 1969.  254 pages.
Nine stories of Asia, past and present; one of Chinatown, New York.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92go

Hearts Come Home and Other Stories.
NY: Pocket Books, 1962.  237 pages.
Fourteen stories from three collections: The First Wife and Other Stories, Today and Forever, and Far and Near.

House of Earth.
NY: Reynal & Hitchcock (John Day Book), 1935.
Trilogy includes: The Good Earth, Sons, and A House Divided.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92ho

The Lovers and Other Stories.
N.Y.: John Day, 1977.  212 pages.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.
Six short stories and one novella.

Mrs. Stoner and the Sea and Other Works.
N.Y.: Ace books, 1976.  180 pages.  Copyright by P.S.B. Enterprises, Ltd.  Produced by Lyle Kenyon Engel.
Nine short stories and three other writings.

My Mother's House.
Richwood, WV: Appalachian P, 1965.  59 pages.
Limited Edition of 500 copies autographed by Pearl S. Buck to be sold for $100 each for the sole purpose of purchasing her birthplace in Hillsboro, West Virginia.
First chapter "My Mother's House" is a special contribution to the book by Buck.  Three chapters are reprints of articles about Buck and her birthplace.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92my

Once Upon a Christmas.
N.Y.: John Day, 1972.  180 pages.  Copyright by Creativity, Inc.  Full-page sketches by Donald Uzzul.
Fourteen stories and articles.

One Bright Day and Other Stories for Children.
London: Methuen & Co., 1952.  136 pages.  Illustrated.
Includes five previously published children's books: One Bright Day, The Chinese Children Next Door, The Water-Buffalo Children, The Dragon Fish, Yu Lan: Flying Boy of China.

Secrets of the Heart.
N.Y.: John Day, 1976.  19l pages.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.
Pearl Buck's birthday and Bicentennial tribute.
Four short stories and one novella.

The Spirit and the Flesh.
NY: John Day, 1944.
Contains two biographies: Fighting Angel and The Exile.

Stories for Little Children.
NY: John Day, 1940.  48 pages.  Juvenile, ages 3-6.
Fifteen read-aloud stories with ten full-page color illustrations by Weda Yap.
British title: When Fun Begins. London: Methuen, 1940.

Stories of China.
NY: John Day, 1964.
Combines two books: The First Wife and Other Stories and Today and Forever. See also Twenty-Seven Stories.

Today and Forever.
NY: John Day, 1941.  327 pages.
Thirteen short stories written in the 1930s.  Serial in Woman's Home Companion: October, 1936-March, 1937.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92t

Twenty-Seven Stories.
Garden City, NY: Sun Dial Press, 1943.
Combines two books: The First Wife and Other Stories (fourteen stories) and Today and Forever (thirteen stories).  This book is identical in contents to Stories of China.

The Water-Buffalo Children & The Dragon Fish.
NY: Dell Publishing Co., 1966.  Illustrated.  Juvenile, ages 7-11.

The Woman Who Was Changed and Other Stories.
NY: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1979.  178 pages.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.
Five short stories and one novella.

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B. Nonfiction, 1. Autobiography

A Bridge for Passing.
NY: John Day, 1962.  256 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92x-b

My Several Worlds: A Personal Record.
NY: John Day, 1954.  407 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92x

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B. Nonfiction, 2. Biography

The Exile.
NY: Reynal & Hitchcock (John Day Book), 1936.  315 pages.
Author's biography of her mother, Caroline Stulting Sydenstricker, written in 1921 shortly after her death.  Condensed version serialized in Woman's Home Companion, 1935-36.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92ex-C

Fighting Angel: Portrait of a Soul.
NY: Reynal & Hitchcock (John Day Book), 1936.  302 pages.
Biography of the author's father, Absalom Sydenstricker.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92fi

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B. Nonfiction, 3. Published Dialogues

American Argument: With Eslanda Goods Robeson.
NY: John Day, 1949.  206 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 917.3 B92a

For Spacious Skies: Journey in Dialogue, with Theodore F. Harris.
NY: John Day, 1966.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.  221 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92xa

Friend to Friend: A Candid Exchange Between Pearl Buck and Carlos P. Romulo.
NY: John Day, 1956.  Copyright by Pearl S. Buck and Carlos P. Romulo.  126 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 327.73 B921f

How it Happens: Talk About the German People, 1914-1933, with Erna von Pustau.
NY: John Day, 1947.  276 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 943.085 B92h

Talk About Russia: With Masha Scott.
NY: John Day, 1945.  128 pages.
Serial in Asia and the Americas, 1945, with title "Talks with Masha."

Tell the People: Talks with James Yen About the Mass Education Movement.
NY: John Day, 1945.  84 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 370.951 B92t

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B. Nonfiction, 4. Welfare of Children

The Child Who Never Grew.
NY: John Day, 1950.  Copyright by The Training School at Vineland, New Jersey.  62 pages.
Also in Ladies' Home Journal, May 1950.
Second edition with a foreward by James A. Michener.  Rockville, MD: Woodbine House, 1992.  107 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 362.33 B92c (1950 edition) and 362.33 B92cs (1992 edition)

Children for Adoption.
NY: Random House, 1964.  243 pages.
Also in Ladies' Home Journal, 1964.
      Lipscomb Library 362.73 B92c

A Community Success Story: The Founding of the Pearl Buck Center.
NY: John Day by arrangement with the Pearl Buck Center, Inc., Eugene, Oregon, 1972.  Copyright by the Pearl Buck Center, Inc.  95 pages.
Discussion with Elizabeth Waechter, Director.  Contains 58 photos by Peter J. Robinson.

The Gifts They Bring: Our Debt to the Mentally Retarded.
NY: John Day, 1965.  Copyright by Pearl S. Buck and Gweneth R. Zarfoss.  156 pages.

The Joy of Children.
NY: John Day, 1964.  Text copyright by Pearl S. Buck; pictures copyright by the National Committee for Children and Youth.  84 pages.
Photos by Roy Sorenson from his 1960 exhibit for the White House Conference on Children and Youth.
Reprinted in 1974, with updated photos.

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C. Nonfiction: Miscellany

American Unity and Asia.
NY: John Day, 1942.  140 pages.
Contains two letters, two articles, and six speeches.  British title: Asia and Democracy.
      Lipscomb Library 940.9493 B92a

A Certain Star.
NY: Hearst Publishing Co., 1957.  Copyright by Hearst Publishing Co.  23 pages.
Originally written for American Weekly, 22 December 1957.  Limited Library Edition.  Illustrate by Herschel Levit.

China As I See It.
NY: John Day, 1970.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.  305 pages.
Contains ten speeches, six articles, one letter, one new chapter.
      Lipscomb Library 915.1 B92c

China In Black and White.
NY: John Day, 1945.  Copyright by Asia Press.  95 pages.
"An Asian Press Book," illustrated with 82 Chinese woodcuts and commentary on each by Buck.

China Past and Present. NY: John Day, 1972.  Copyright by Creativity, Inc. and L. K. Engel.  177 pages.
Illustrated with photos from Magnum.

The Chinese Novel.
NY: John Day, 1939.  59 pages.
Nobel Prize Lecture delivered before Swedish Academy at Stockholm, 12 December 1938.
      Lipscomb Library 895.13 B92c

East and West and the Novel: Sources of the Early Chinese Novel.
Published by the College of Chinese Studies, 1932.  40 pages.  Paperback.
Two lengthy addresses Buck delivered before the convocation of the North China Union Language School in cooperation with the California College in Peiping (Beijing), China, February, 1932.

Is There a Case for Foreign Missions?.
NY: John Day, 1932.  30 pages.
John Day Pamphlets; no. 18.
      Lipscomb Library Randolph-Macon Woman's College Collection

The Kennedy Women: A Personal Appraisal.
NY: Cowles Book Co., by arrangement with John Day, 1970.  218 pages.
Contains photographs.
      Lipscomb Library

Of Men and Women.
NY: John Day, 1941.  201 pages.
Reprinted in 1971.
      Lipscomb Library 392.3 B92o

Pearl Buck and Education: An Anthology of Her Writings.
Ed. Peter Conn.  Perkasie, PA: The Pearl S. Buck Foundation, 1992.  164 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 392.3 B92a-c

Pearl Buck's America.
NY: Bartholomew House, 1971.  Copyright by Pearl S. Buck and L. K. Engel.  320 pages.
Illustrated with 200 photos from Life.
      Lipscomb Library 917.3 B92p

Pearl S. Buck's Book Of Christmas.
NY: Simon & Schuster, 1974.  Copyright by Creativity, Inc. and L. K. Engel.  507 pages.  Produced by Lyle Kenyon Engel.
Collection of 39 favorite Christmas stories by some of the world's greatest writers, selected by Buck, plus "Biographical Notes" on 33 authors represented. No writing by Buck included.
      Lipscomb Library 808.3 B92p

Pearl S. Buck's Oriental Cookbook.
NY: Simon & Schuster, 1972.  Copyright by Pearl S. Buck and L. K. Engel.  256 pages.
Over 450 recipes from 11 Oriental countries with an introduction for each country by Buck.  Illustrated by Jeanyee Wong.
      Lipscomb Library Randolph-Macon Woman's College Collection

The People of Japan.
NY: Simon & Schuster, 1966.  Copyright by Pearl S. Buck and Lyle Kenyon Engel.  255 pages.
Photographs by Stuart Fox.
      Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92peo

The Story Bible.
NY: Bartholomew House, 1971.  Copyright by Pearl S. Buck and L. K. Engel.  526 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 362.73 B92c

The Story Bible: Volume I, The Old Testament.
NY: Bartholomew House, Ltd., 1971.  Copyright by Pearl S. Buck and L. K. Engel.  Paperback.  351 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 220.5 B58bu

The Story Bible: Volume II, The New Testament.
NY: Bartholomew House, Ltd., 19761.  Copyright by Pearl S. Buck and L. K. Engel.  Paperback.  190 pages.
      Lipscomb Library 220.5 B58bu

To My Daughters, With Love.
NY: John Day, 1967.  Copyright by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.  250 pages.
Twenty commencement addresses and other writings.

What America Means to Me.
' NY: John Day, 1943.  212 pages.
Contains three letters, one address, one lecture, five articles, and six speeches.

Words of Love.
NY: John Day, 1974.  Copyright by Creativity, Inc.  48 pages.
Illustrated by Jeanyee Wong.
Buck's only book of poetry, selected from her "Treasure Book," (i.e., Diary).  Seventeen poems in calligraphic writing and twenty-two illustrations with descriptions of Chinese art.
      Lipscomb Library Randolph-Macon Woman's College Collection

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D. Translation

All Men Are Brothers.
NY: John Day, 1933.  Volume I, pages 1-650; Volume II, pages 651-1,279.
Translated from one of three famous Chinese novels, Shui Hu Chuan.
Buck chose the English title from the Confucian saying: "All men around the four seas are brothers."
Revised one-volume edition by the Heritage Press, 1948.  688 pages.  Contains 32 illustrations in block-prints and in color by Miguel Covarrubias.  Special contents copyright by George Macy Companies, Inc.
      Lipscomb Library 895.13 S56

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E. Short Stories in Books and Periodicals

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F. Articles in Books and Periodicals

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G. Drama

Under revision..

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H. Film Adaptations of Novels

The Good Earth. (1937).
      Lipscomb Library VC 813.5 B92g

Dragon Seed. (1944).
      Lipscomb Library VC 813.5 B92d

China Sky. (1945).
      Lipscomb Library VC 813.5 B92c

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