Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
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A Brief Reading List

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Works by Buck

The Big Wave (1948).
      The story of a tidal wave in Japan, told with the simplicity and timeless wisdom of an Oriental fable.
Lipscomb Library CL 813.5 B92b
      Other children's books include the following:
           The Old Demon (1982)
           The Enemy (1986)
           Little Red (1988)

The Exile (1936).
      A biography of Buck's mother, Caroline Stulting Sydenstricker.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92ex-C

Fighting Angel: Portrait of a Soul (1936).
      The life of of Buck's father, Absalom Sydenstricker.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92fi

The Good Earth (1931).
      The Pulitzer Prize-winning classic portrayal of the life of Chinese peasants Wang-Lung and O-Lan.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92g
           Sons (1932).
           A House Divided (1935).

Imperial Woman (1956).
      A fictional biography of the last empress of China, Tzu Hsi, rich in background detail.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92I

Pavilion of Women (1946).
      One of the most popular of the novels, the story of the matriarch of a well-to-do Chinese family.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92pa

Peony (1948).
      Particularly interesting for its depiction of China's Jewish population.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92pe

This Proud Heart (1938).
      A revealing, partially autobiographical, study of a woman torn between her artistic goals and the demands of her personal life.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92thi

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Buck's Life and Times

Conn, Peter. Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography (1996).
      The most comprehensive, scholarly treatment of Buck's life and work available.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92xc

Doyle, Paul A. Pearl S. Buck (revised edition, 1980).
     A critical survey of her work with a brief biographical sketch.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92xd2

Lipscomb, Elizabeth J., Frances E. Webb, and Peter Conn, eds. The Several Worlds of Pearl S. Buck (1994).
      Essays presented at the Pearl S. Buck Centennial Symposium held at Randolph-Macon Woman's College on March 26-28, 1992.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92xL

Stirling, Nora. Pearl Buck, a Woman in Conflict (1983).
      A readable, fascinating biography based, in part, on interviews with many who knew Buck.
Lipscomb Library 813.5 B92xs

Thomson, James C., Peter W. Stanley, and John Curtis Perry. Sentimental Imperialists: The American Experience in East Asia (1981).
      A brief, reliable overview of America's relations with Asia.
Lipscomb Library 327.73 T48s

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