Charlotte Cushman Collection, Lipscomb Library

Charlotte Cushman Collection

Randolph College

About the Charlotte Cushman Collection


square bullet   approximately 700-800 books, mostly plays and biographies of actors and actresses

square bullet   scrapbooks of historic productions

square bullet   theatre programs from Parsons Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut

square bullet   Theatre Records

square bullet   Charlotte Cushman's desk - The desk was probably made in Italy in the early 1860's. It is a Pedestal style desk from the Italian Revival period and is built of Italian walnut and pine. The upper base supports are putti in the form of reclining caryatids. The lower base has hand-carved moldings and panels. Miss Cushman's desk was restored in 1977 by Mr. Thomas Robinson of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

square bullet   photographs and images from the nineteenth and early-twentieth century American theatre

Research materials are housed at the Lipscomb Library, Randolph-Macon Woman's College.



The Randolph-Macon Woman's College Charlotte Cushman Collection
was made possible by the generous donation of
John E. and Diana Herzog, R-MWC Board of Trustees.

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