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This site is a collaborative work. I would like to acknowledge:

The Information Technology Department at R-MWC for all of their help, especially Michael Jones, Cathy Burge, and Eric Remy. Thanks for giving us a web address, lending us a digital camera, and for putting up with and helping us with all of our questions.

The Lipscomb Library at R-MWC, especially Frances Webb, Adrian Broughman, and Theodore Hostetler for letting us use the Rare Book Room and the Medieval Book of Hours in it, and for letting us use a display case in the library for our project.

Professor Hamza's class, ART 238: Art and Medieval Mentalities. Thank you Professor Christine Hamza for coming up with this idea and for all of the effort you have put into our class. Thanks to Professor Hamza's students: Addela Hoop Johnson, Anya Atefeh Leavitt, Sara Marie Massee, Kristina J. Pettys, Cheryl A Rychkov, Amanda Elizabeth Williams, Sallie Haltiwanger, and Laura May Lockhart for all of your contributions: thank you for your papers, your resources, for the library display, for giving your opinions, and for helping to get this website up and running.

Class viewing Book of Hours in the Rare Book Room
Professor Hamza's class clockwise starting from the upper left:
Laura May Lockhart, Anya Atefeh Leavitt, Addela Hoop Johnson,
Kristina J. Pettys, Amanda Elizabeth Williams, Sara Marie Massee, and Cheryl A. Rychkov


These pages are the work of the students enrolled in Art 238, "Art and Medieval Mentalities," taught by Professor Christine Hamza during the Spring Semester, 2003.

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