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RefWorks 3.0 and Tutorials

Lipscomb Library Announces New RefWorks 3.0

We have a powerful new version of RefWorks!

This update to RefWorks streamlines collecting, managing, and organizing research papers and documents. You can read annotate, organize, and cite your research as well as collaborate with friends and colleagues by sharing collections.

RefWorks’ drag and drop capability along with our smart document recognition makes it easy and fast to upload documents and bibliographic metadata into your library and the Save to RefWorks feature allows you to capture research from websites with the click of a button.

RefWorks 3.0

New RefWorks 3.0 Login
Convert Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks 3.0
New RefWorks 3.0 Tutorials on YouTube
Adding Documents to New RefWorks 3.0
Adding Web Resources to New RefWorks 3.0
Adding Citations from Our Databases
Sharing a Collection with other New RefWorks 3.0 Users
Editing a Citation Style in New RefWorks 3.0

Convert Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks 3.0

If you are currently working on a paper or thesis using Write-N-Cite, do not convert from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks 3.0 until you have completed your project. If you converted by mistake, log into the Legacy version to continue working on your paper.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Lipscomb Library.

To move from your current Legacy RefWorks account to a New RefWorks 3.0 account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to New RefWorks 3.0
  2. Create a new account using your college email address (do not click "Login with your institution’s credentials").
  3. Choose a password.
  4. Go to your college email account and activate your New RefWorks 3.0 account.
  5. Go to back to New RefWorks 3.0, and log in to your account.
  6. Click the + (plus sign) for "Add a reference" which is located near the top, just to the right of the blue box for "All Documents."
  7. Select the second option to "Import references."
  8. Choose the option "RefWorks" found under "Import from another reference manager."
  9. Click "Authorize."
  10. Login with the name and password that you used for your older Legacy RefWorks account.
  11. Your records and folders will migrate to your New RefWorks 3.0 account.
  12. If you have more than one Legacy RefWorks account, repeat steps 6-11 to consolidate them into your new account.