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The Past Master
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College History

History of the Library at Randolph College
compiled by Cynthia J. Leonard, class of 2010

About Winfree Observatory by Tom Michalik, Professor of Physics Emeritus

History and Legacy from About Randolph College

The Past Master

The following articles are taken from "The Past Master," a column written by Meredith Minter Dixon, class of 1984, for the Randolph-Macon Woman’s College student newspaper, The Sundial. They are published here with her permission.

Mrs. Dixon has written an invaluable multi-volume set, Maconiana: A Social History of Randolph-Macon Woman's College. For additional information, please visit her author's page on Amazon.

Please contact Mrs. Dixon (dixonm at pobox dot com) if you have comments or questions about her articles.

Odd/Even Rivalry
   An Alumna's Tribute: Last Semester
   Bury the Hatchet
   Even Day
   Odd and Even Newsletters
   Odd Day
   Rat Court
   Stolen Coffin Heated up Odd-Even Rivalry in 1909

College Celebrations
   The Calithump: A Randolph-Macon Halloween Tradition
   Christmas at Macon
   "I Shall Not Pass"
   May Day
   Pumpkin Parade

Our School Publications
   The Helianthus
   The Nut Cracker
   Our Helpful Handbook
   The Sundial

Our College’s History
   The Men behind Our Name
   The ’New’ History of Randolph-Macon: April Fools!
   Our Student Government System
   R-MWC’s Library

And more . . .

1899 Maconiana, our first yearbook

With thanks to
Meredith Minter Dixon, class of 1984
Tom Michalik, Professor of Physics Emeritus
Kusum Singh, class of 2004
Cynthia Leonard Wilder, class of 2010
Andrea Yassemedis, class of 1999