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Spaces: Accessibility

Most* of Lipscomb Library is accessible to wheelchair users. To get to the library from front campus, enter Main Hall, then turn right and follow the hallway to the end, where there is an elevator in Moore Hall (if you do not have a campus ID, ask someone at the information desk in Main Hall for help). Take the elevator down to the first floor. Go through the outside door; the library entrance is at the end of the brick tunnel.

Lipscomb Library has two accessible restrooms. Both are all-gender single-occupancy; they are on the fourth floor (to the right of the main entrance) and the first floor (to the right of the elevator). The restrooms on the third floor are not accessible.

If you have any questions about getting to or using the library, please contact us.


*Inaccessible spaces include the front half of the fifth floor (Randolph Thrive room, tutoring room, and Lininger Room) and the archives/serials stacks on the third floor. Speak to a library employee if you need help getting resources from these areas.