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How Do I...?: Reserve a Study Space

Study Rooms

Reserve a Room

Lipscomb Library has a variety of study rooms available. Most of these are first-come, first-serve. The two large study rooms on the third floor can be reserved by students for up to three hours at a time. To reserve Study Room 4 or Room 325, contact the Daytime Circulation Supervisor.



Reservation Process

Individual desks on the first, second, and third floors of Lipscomb Library may be reserved by students upon request (desks without a sign may be used by anyone). Reservations are accepted in the order received. Students may request a specific open desk or a particular floor, but final assignments are made by the Daytime Circulation Supervisor. When choosing a desk, please note that the first floor is a designated quiet area; request a desk here only if you want to work in a quiet space. If no desks are available, students may request to be put on a waiting list. Reservations last until the end of the semester in which they were made; students must clear out their desks by winter or summer break. Students will be contacted at the end of each semester and given the opportunity to continue their reservation. To request a desk, contact the Daytime Circulation Supervisor, or ask at the circulation desk.


Any items may be left at the desks. Lipscomb Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items, so students should use their judgment regarding valuable possessions. Library materials kept at desks should be checked out by the student first. Library staff may occasionally check library materials left at desks to ensure that they have been checked out. Spoiled food or drinks that smell or attract animal/insect attention will be thrown away by library staff. With these exceptions, nothing left in a reserved desk will be touched by library staff except in case of emergency or risk of damage (such as fire or water). Desk reservations expire on the last day of exams each semester; after that, any materials remaining will be checked in or moved to the library's Lost & Found.