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About Lipscomb: Gift Policy

General Collection Gift Policy

The Lipscomb Library is grateful for the donation of library materials that are useful for providing valuable research information to students and other library users. When the Lipscomb Library receives a gift, a letter of appreciation is sent to the donor certifying the quantity of the gift, but not the value. As an interested party, the library cannot legally appraise either books or objects donated.

Due to the high costs of managing the gift process, the Lipscomb Library's goal in accepting gifts is to acquire materials that are relevant to the institution's current curricular needs or that contribute to the historical record of the college. The Lipscomb Library cannot accept donations consisting of more than 10 items without prior consultation with the Director of the Library.  All gifts will be evaluated in terms of academic value, student interest, and physical condition. The Lipscomb Library cannot promise that all donated items will be added to the collection.

The Lipscomb Library accepts only those gifts that are offered without restrictions, and with the understanding that the disposition of gifts is at the discretion of the library faculty. The Lipscomb Library determines the classification, housing, and circulation policies of all gifts, as if they were purchased items.

Materials that are out-dated, of inferior quality, duplicates, or in poor condition, are not added to the collection. Materials that may serve the needs of others may be offered to either the faculty or to other not-for-profit institutions, and all others will be disposed of through other means determined by the Library.

Gift items should be sent to the following address:

Lipscomb Library, Acquisitions
Randolph College
2500 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24503

Please include any relevant information about the donor. Gifts presented to the Lipscomb Library as a memorial may be identified with special bookplates; all others will not receive bookplates.

For additional information, please contact the Director of the Library.