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For Faculty: Infobase

How to find persistent links: Infobase

Which resources are from Infobase?  Click this list of Infobase databases to be certain.

If you are using Films on Demand

  • Look for the Share icon on the video listing: undefined
  • Click on Embed/Link in the popup window, then copy the Record URL if you want to share the link, or the Embed Code if you want to embed the video.




If you are using Issues & Controversies

  • Look for the Page Tools icon undefined then click on the Share icon:
  • Click on Record URL and highlight the link to copy and paste.




If you are using World News Digest

  • Look for the Share icon:
  • Then click on the Link tab to copy and paste the URL



Remember: When using links from any of Lipscomb Library's online resources with your students, double-check that the following text prepends the URL for the resource:  

Sample of a correct Infobase persistent URL:

Links that will not work off-campus:

  • Do not copy and paste the URL from your browser address bar
  • The Permalink without the proxy prefix: