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How Do I...?: Check Out Materials

Requesting Checked-out Library Materials

In addition to browsing the stacks, members of our Randolph community who have active library cards may place holds on library materials that are checked out and pick them up at the front desk when the items are checked in.  Simply follow these instructions to place a hold for materials owned by Lipscomb Library, and to check on the status of your holds.

Holds FAQ

Do I have to place holds on library materials to check them out?
No, you may freely browse the library's collections to find materials for check out.  Holds are most useful when an item is already checked out and you would like to be notified of its return.

How long will it take for me to get my materials if I place a hold on them?
The system will let you know the due date for an item that is already checked out.  If an item is overdue, please place a hold on the item and notify a library staff member for assistance.  We will recall the book for your use.

What is the procedure for me to pick up books?
Our system will send you an automated email notification when the books are ready for pickup.  Once you have received the email you can simply come to the front desk of the library and ask for your materials.  You will need to present your PawPass for checkout.

What if I try to place a hold and the number under my barcode doesn't work?
First years, students who have never checked out materials from the library, and anyone who has recently received a replacement PawPass may run into this problem.  No worries--we can fix that!  Simply stop by the circulation desk or call (434) 947-8133 during the hours the library is open to have someone activate your account.

What if I can't come to the library today to check out my books?
Items will stay on hold for you for seven days. After that time, the library will reshelve the materials.

How long can I check library materials out?
Your checkout period is based on whether you are a currently enrolled student, faculty, staff member, or a retired member of the Randolph College community. For more information, check out Lipscomb Library's Circulation Policy page.

What else can I do with the My Account feature?
After you have logged in to your account in the library catalog, you can place holds on library materials, check the status of your holds, and renew items you have already checked out.

Placing a Hold on Books

To place a hold on checked out materials from our circulating collection, follow the steps outlined below:

Search for your books
Use the search box on the Lipscomb Library website to find materials physically located at the library. Click on the Library Catalog tab to ensure it is highlighed, then search by author, title, or subject.


Placing a hold
When you find a book you would like to check out, click the Place Hold button on the right of the search result list.


Log in to your account

You will be prompted to log in to your account.  Use the number located beneath the barcode on your PawPass.


Place the hold


Congratulations, you have successfully placed a hold on your materials!  At this point, all you need to do is wait.  The library staff will retrieve your materials from the stacks and will email you when they are available for checkout. You may pick up your materials at the library's circulation desk.

Check the Status of My Hold

To check on the status of your hold, follow the steps outlined below:

Log in to your account
Use the My Account link on the Lipscomb Library website toolbar to log in to your library catalog account then enter the number located underneath the barcode on your PawPass.
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Check your holds tab
When your item is available for checkout, you will see a green exclamation mark on your holds tab.