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How Do I...?: Data

Data and Statistics

Data are the raw numbers that researchers pull together to observe patterns and create statistics. There are tons of resources for finding data, and these are broken down below by subject.

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Finding Research Data

General Statistics

Data Bank - Statistics about global populations, societies, economies, and more from the World Bank

UNdata - Data and statistics gathered by the United Nations

United States Census Data - Information from the US Census Bureau about American people and business.

Zanran - A searchable database of global statistics

Economic Data

Federal Reserve Economic Data - Data collected by the research division of the St. Louis Federal Reserve

World Development Indicators - World Bank data on economically developing countries

Scientific Data

Envirofacts - Search for environmental data and statistics in the United States by geographic location, topic, or land feature.

Pollution Rankings - Search statistics about pollution in the United States by state, county, or zip code.

Social Sciences & Education Data

National Center for Education Statistics - Data collected by the US Department of Education