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How Do I...?: News


News can be found in printed newspapers and magazines, as well as online via news websites and social media. Below, learn about different types of news reporting and different places to locate news sources, in print and online.

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Finding News Sources


There are many ways to find news online:

Library Databases 
Many of the library's research databases contain news stories, and the following are specific to newspapers: 

Through the Web
One good place to start is Google News, where you can search by topic or see recent headlines. Or, check out today's headlines around the world via the Newseum. Many sites are dedicated solely to publishing news. Some of these sites are the digitized versions of print publications, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The News & Advance. Some news sites limit their articles to paying subscribers, but many can be found through the library databases listed above. Contact a librarian for assistance.

Types of News Coverage

Traditional newspapers include hard news coverage, OpEd (Opinions and Editorials) sections, and advertisements. Today, in addition to traditional newspapers, news content is all over the web and is presented in many different formats. Check out different types of news coverage below: