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How Do I...?: Contact the Staff

Contacting the Staff for Assistance with Off-Campus Access Problems

If you are having problems accessing library resources from off-campus, you can use the library's chat feature or contact us for further assistance. 

When you contact the Lipscomb Library please provide as much of the following information as possible:

Let us know which steps you have already taken to troubleshoot the problem
Let us know the type of device you are using, the OS, and the browser
Let us know with which resource you are having a problem and how you are getting to it. For example:

"I am using the main search bar on the library website"
"I am using the Database A-Z List to go to Academic Search Complete"
"I found the link to Communication & Mass Media Complete on the Media & Culture Resource Guide"
"My professor provided a link to the article/database in Moodle."

• Let us know if you are using any plugins which may store proxy logins, such as Zotero.

Please note: response times may vary, particularly during evenings and weekends.